Exotic Pets - Why they are a bad idea

Wellcome to my fubulous websit! Tooday I am going to teach you about exotic petz! You wil learn so much your head will explod! Obvously, I am not a very serious person, and you are probaly questioning the reliability of this website. (This website is no reliable.) I am very lazy and am prabaly not going to do much reasherch for this website. Also, u have probally noticed that I have speled multiple things wrong in this paragraf. That is probaly becase their is no spell check when typeing this ot. I allso fat figer alot. Wow, I just said the word "probaly" 3 times in a row. But anyways, lets get to the fackts. Since Im to lazzy to actually type anything out about exotic aimals, i'll give you a link to a actual website. If you want to see why exotc pets are so bad, click here!.

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